Not one mask but two masks

Ever since the pandemic occurred almost a year ago it created restrictions and the entire population had to adapt. As of recently, information has been updated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) about doubling the masks on our faces for additional protection against the virus. However, it is noted this isn’t a requirement to wear two masks but it is recommended.

“If you would like to put a cloth mask over, which actually is (points at the edges of the mask) where you can get leakage in is better contained,” Dr. Fauci said.

Fauci explained to the Today Show about the requirements from the CDC and this includes wearing a cloth mask over a disposable mask because of the loose fit the disposable mask can have. It is recommended to also fit the mask on the face properly by folding loose fabric on the sides or tieing the ear loops. It is said the mask must fit snugly.

William Schaffner, Doctor and Professor of Infectious Diseases in Nashville, Tennessee says to ABC 10 that layered masks can create a greater effort to breathe, he also explains the benefits of wearing them. 

“We use a better form of masks, they’re called N95 respirators in healthcare and they’re better because they fit very tightly around the cheeks and the chin,” Schaffner said. 

The improved mask attire exists to help restrict the virus. Statistically, a layered mask is effective up to about 90% than a single-use mask or a cloth mask. However, Healthline states if one person wears a double mask, it is effective up to approximately 96.4% compared to a person wearing one cloth mask that is knotted and tucked resulting in being 95.9% effective.