COVID-19 Update

The recent Oct. 8 COVID-19 update and plan sent out by the D214 Superintendent has begun to resume in-person school with the mandate of masks, frequent cleaning, use of sanitizing equipment and proper social distancing techniques that allowed a third of the student body at RMHS to return to school each day. This is Stage 3 of the D214 plan on sending students back to school and went into effect on Oct. 15. This Stage can only continue in action if the average number of cases per 100,000 people in the D214 communities stays below 70 positive tests for ten consecutive days. 

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), as of Oct. 29, there have been 7,542,098 COVID-19 tests performed in Illinois and 395,458 confirmed cases. There have been 9,675 deaths, making the covid recovery rate in Illinois 97%.

The IDPHs most recent data reports that as of Oct. 29, there have been 1,315,197 COVID-19 tests administered and 84,204 positive cases in Cook County.

There have been 12,085 tests performed in Rolling Meadows and 816 confirmed cases as of Oct. 29.