COVID-19 Update

Since the first outbreak of COVID-19, schools, workplaces and stores have taken precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. The precautions that are being taken include face masks, the closing of schools and workplaces, working at home and online education. 

As of Sept. 16, there have been a total of 266,151 reported cases of COVID-19 in Illinois, according to the IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health). There have been a total of 4,863,138 total tests performed in Illinois, recorded by the IDPH. Following the cases reported to the IDPH, there have been 8,367 deaths; the reported recovery rate is currently 96%, based on reported cases.

In Rolling Meadows alone, there have been 534 cases reported to the IDPH and 8,423 people tested as of Sept. 16.