Remembering RMHS Security Guard James Steiner (More/Extended Responses)

Senior David Zieba: “Steiner was honestly just a really trusted [staff] member and someone I could always go to with anything. He would always be there for you, he would always bring positivity wherever he went and he just made all kids happier.”

Sophomore Ryan Joyce: “He was an honorable veteran, father and husband. I hope to have even half of the kindness he had. I could always talk to him no matter what I needed.”

Alumni Molly Birmingham: “James was a cool guy and a great security guard. [He would always] me walk across the street to go to my friends car.”

Alumni Carlos Flores: “I remember walking into the weight room downstairs. Seeing James doing dips with four steel chains wrapped around his neck, while having a 45 lbs plate strapped on his waist. Having this look in his eyes [similar to] a beast. Just fighting through the pain until he finished every single rep. I remember just standing there amazed by him. I remember him just looking over his shoulder and smiling and telling me you will get there too. [He taught me] to be fair and be honest with yourself. That if life isn’t going certain way, make sure you’re not the cause of your own suffering.”

Alumni Melissa Sarabia: “I’ll always remember him as a caring person. He truly cared about everyone at RMHS. He definitely made a difference in some of the students lives.”