Buen Viaje

RMHS Spanish Trip scheduled for Spring Break 2021

Pack your bags, because the Spanish Trip is back! This once in a lifetime experience is scheduled for Spring Break 2021.

The trip is nine days in total, from March 18 to 26. During which, students will get to explore the beautiful sights, astonishing architecture, and unique culture of Spain, Portugal, and Gibraltar. 

At the moment, thirty-five students have signed up, along with Kate McNally and Pat Thorburn. Unfortunately, only those of either Spanish 4 or AP European History can participate. While not everyone can go, the itinerary showcases many great spots if you are looking to travel to Southwest Europe in the future. 

Students will visit places such as St. Michael’s Cave, a Moorish palace, and the Faro Cathedral as well as explore the cities of Lisbon, Seville, Santa Cruz, and more. The group will even take a lesson in a traditional Spanish dance and music style, Flamenco. If you are interested in learning more about the places they are planning to visit, the second floor Spanish hallway has a wall with a day by day guide of the trip. 

 This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Rolling Meadows is so lucky to be able to go on trips like these. Not only is it super fun, but also an amazing chance to learn more about other countries and cultures. Not everyone has families who are able to take vacations to such places, but thanks to our amazing school and district, students are getting these experiences.

“It’s an opportunity for students to see what other countries are like, learn more about history, and to see places that they’ve learned about in person,” McNally said. “Students will also be able to use the Spanish they’ve learned in countries that primarily speak that language.”

The trip itself takes place every few years, in no particular pattern. According to McNally, “it happens every two, three or even four years. It’s just whenever a teacher takes initiative and decides to organize the trip.” Because of this, it can’t really be said when the next trip will take place, but it can be assumed that another will happen in the next few years.

There’s still a long way to go until the awaited plane to Spain departs, and till then there is still lots of planning to do. In the next year, more and more information is hoped to be released.

Though it may be far away, it’s no doubt that those nine day will be fully packed with one exciting activity after another, and everyone going will be due for a well deserved rest when they get back.