New Security Measures for Winter Formal Dance

After several incidents that occurred during this year’s Homecoming dance, the next school dance, Winter Formal, will have new security measures in an attempt to prevent such occurrences from repeating themselves.

Proposed security measures for Winter Formal include moving the entrance and admittance of tickets into the field house, the prohibition of bags surpassing a certain size,  as well as added security and police presence. 

Yet, after asking the administration for further details about allegedly planned security measures, no specific details were given. 

“We [the administration] are looking at our current processes and looking to make changes making sure all the students are safe,” assistant principal Lisa DaRocha said. “We [the administration] will come back in January to finalize any of those steps/measures.”

Due to these proposed security implementations, students reacted with hesitation and uncertainty.

“I don’t know what effect on safety going in through the field house will have,” senior Heyden Draper said. “I don’t think that going through the front was bad.” 

Students have also expressed how such implementations can cause a sort of division amongst the students and staff.

“I feel as if there are more admin and security, there are less that students are going to have fun because they’re going to feel uncomfortable being watched by multiple teachers,” sophomore Kassandra Gonzalez said.

Students indicated that if these proposed security measures are confirmed their decision to attend would be swayed.

“It would affect my decision [on attending] because I don’t think we need extra security/police officers possibly searching a student,” Gonzalez said.

As for other students, they noted that the confirmation of the proposed security implementations would not affect their decision on attending.