School hosts voter registration day

Jimena Zavala, Staff Writer

High school students have a lot more to give to our society than they are given credit for. As the new generation, we can begin making changes by planning ahead and becoming more informed and involved in voting. On September 26, all District 214 schools will hold a voter registration drive for juniors and seniors that are turning 18 by November 6, 2018.

Denise Chapman, along with several other teachers, has partnered with our Local League of Women Voters Organization to host this drive.

“Maybe voting right now at age 17 is not at the forefront of people’s minds,” Chapman said. “Our hope is that, if you’re registered, it makes it that much easier [for] when an election comes up.”

The drive will be held during seminar where one can register directly from an iPad.

“It is pretty easy. It’s a quick step-by-step process,” Chapman said. “Plug in your information and you’re registered to vote.”

The information required includes the last 4 digits of one’s social security number and driver’s license. Students can go to the CLC, the lounge area in the upstairs A-wing, to get an “I Registered to Vote” sticker and to get help on any issues with the registration process.

The event is was organized with the help of our Local League of Women Voters Organization which is a nonpartisan political organization, meaning that it does not side with any party.

“They try to provide education for voters, so that when you go to the polls and you vote, whether it’s on an issue or on a candidate, that you’re going in fully informed,” Chapman said.

Voting is indirectly the power to shape the future. If millennials want to put their hopes in a better future, now is the time to prepare for voting.  

“So maybe you’re not interested in voting right now,” Chapman said. “But you might be in a year from now, you might be in two years from now, you might be in five years from now. Why not have yourself registered now?”