Homecoming changes

Anna Czulno, Online Editor-in-Chief

Big changes are coming to this year’s homecoming festivities. Fireworks, activities with inflatable games, a movie night, and other activities are just a few of the upcoming events coming to this year’s homecoming celebrations.

With collaboration from both the Rolling Meadows Booster club and student council, efforts to incorporate new events to typical homecoming celebrations are currently underway for this year’s homecoming celebrations. While not all the details have been finalized yet, both groups are excited for the new changes.

Lisa Darocha, assistant principal at Rolling Meadows, has been working with the Boosters to come up with new ideas for homecoming this year. Because this year is the last year for many of the booster members to be on the board, they want to create a few lasting traditions for students at Rolling Meadows to follow in the future.

While not yet complete, the schedule for homecoming will be different than in years past. New activities such as decorating spaces according to various clubs or other games will be on Thursday night. There will also be a movie at night on the football field on Thursday. While the homecoming pep rally will remain on Thursday night as well, the fireworks that typically follow the evening pep rally will now come after the game on Friday.

All of these activities have been created in hopes that more students will participate in the homecoming festivities. Ms. Darocha is looking forward to the new changes happening this year.

“I’m really excited about seeing how many more students will be involved in something like this,” Darocha said. “I hope that we’re going to be able to get as many clubs and activities involved in the chalking art as possible.”

Student council president, Emma Drezen, has also been crucial to the planning of this year’s new events.

“I hope these changes bring the student body together and that everyone participates in the events,” Drezen said. “I’m excited for the entire week…because it’s full of many fun activities.”

In addition to these new activities, homecoming week will be earlier in the year than last year. Homecoming this year will take place from October third to October eighth, as opposed to last year when it was at the end of October. Despite this schedule change, student council is still readily prepared for all of the festivities and excited for what they have planned.

This year’s homecoming theme will be “Around the World”. Therefore, decorations and other things will all go with the theme of traveling the world. Students can decorate their hallways in accordance with the theme and will be able to dress up in different costumes throughout the week.

Once finalized, students can start to plan these new changes coming to homecoming celebration this year and will get the chance to participate in them when homecoming comes around.