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Sophomore Jillian McNally receives one of the new

Sophomore Jillian McNally receives one of the new "Fresh Fit" meals from the cafeteria.

Pacer/Abby Cullen

Pacer/Abby Cullen

Sophomore Jillian McNally receives one of the new "Fresh Fit" meals from the cafeteria.

Pooja Patil, Public Relations Director

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In today’s day and age, the health and nutrition of the country’s youth are a growing concern. The District Cafeteria Management is now taking a step toward addressing this concern.

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, the “Fresh Fit” menu was introduced across District 214. This new menu includes 10 healthier lunch options such as Made for You Stir Fry, Lettuce Wraps and a Spicy Roasted Vegetable Flatbread. There is a different item available every day for two weeks.

“The cafeteria is always trying to follow the latest food trends, and they want to bring something new and exciting,” Dietetic Intern Lucas Sweet said. “The trend now is fresh, low-calorie, high-protein items, and the menu now is comparable to foods found in popular restaurants.”

“I think the school made a huge step forward by offering a new healthy menu,” senior Kelly McGuinnes said. “There were very bland and limited options to choose from before, so I’m glad to see a better tasting variety.”

All Fresh Fit entrees are said to be less than or equal to 600 calories, free of trans fats, less than or equal to 100 mg of cholesterol and full of nutrients. The produce and are purchased locally and guaranteed fresh. In addition, five of the 10 new items are made to order, such as the Made for You Stir Fry.
The response to this change has been positive and satisfying.

“Sales have been pretty good so far,” Sweet said. “We’ve had little to no leftovers every day.”
The price range for the new items spans from $3.25 to $4.50.

“It’s definitely on the more expensive side,” McGuinnes said. “A lot of people will choose pizza over something healthy because it costs less, and that’s a reality anywhere you go, not just at the school. I think the next step is to find a balance between affordability and providing this variety of healthy options.”

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