Check Point


Laura Dacy , Managing Editor

Due to growing security concerns, Rolling Meadows High School has added increased precautions near the front entrance to guarantee student safety. Over the summer, construction began on a security vestibule that will be used to check visitors in and out of the building. Along with this renovation, students are now required to scan their school issued IDs when leaving campus for both A and B lunch.
“[The vestibule] is a good thing to maintain accountability,” Dean Art Senteno said. “Our [old] check-in system was [located] after you get in which defeats the purpose if anybody really wanted to create some danger.”
In addition to the security checkpoint for visitors entering the building, sophomores, juniors and seniors who leave campus for lunch are now required to get their school ID scanned before leaving the building and again when they return to school. This will also help ensure that freshmen, who have closed campus lunches, are abiding by the rules and not leaving school.
Another purpose of the scanning system is to ensure student safety. During school hours, administration and teachers are in charge of students’ well-being and safety for the entire day, including lunch hours.
“There is always that issue with student safety when kids are out to lunch,” Senteno said. “How do we know who is out to lunch and who is still in the building? This system will help us maintain more accountability.”
While these new changes were put in place in order to guarantee safety and keep better track of students during lunch hours, it has sparked outrage from many students.
“I find it really frustrating that every day I have to take 10 or 15 minutes out of my lunch just to wait in a line to scan in and out,” junior Katherine Perille said.
Many students are frustrated not with the scanning itself, but more with the time that it takes for each person to get through the security line.
“It’s an inconvenience because people are in a rush to go out for lunch, and know that lining up to scan out wastes our time,” junior Stefani Nikolova said.
While this may be a concern for students, the administration is working to make sure that the transition is smooth.
“We know that there is a push during B lunch,” Senteno said, “I’ll go down there, [Dean] Segura will go down there, and we will try to get as many people as we can to help out. Once we get through the three minutes of rush it’s generally pretty manageable.”
Another aspect of the newly implemented safety measures is that students are now required to leave only through the front doors. While at first look this may not seem like a big deal considering most students would use the front doors no matter what, it creates an extra hassle for students whose houses are closer to the back entrance.
“There are only two, sometimes three scanners in the front, and that’s not enough for all the people that leave during lunch,” Nikolova said. “There should be some scanners at the back door too for students who live near the back of school.”
While there are still a few kinks to work out with the new security systems, much of the administration insist that the overall purpose of the vestibule is to protect students and making Rolling Meadows a safer environment.