Introducing the Addams: RMHS Spring Musical


April is not only bringing showers, it is also bringing Rolling Meadows High School’s spring musical production, The Addams Family, which is showing on April  27, 28, 29 and 30, from 7-9 pm. The musical, similar to the TV show, is about a close-knit family that sticks together through thick and thin. This year’s spring production will be hilarious and heartwarming.

What makes theatre so special? It’s no lie that theatre has stood the test of time. So what is it? Is it the excitement of the crowd? Is it the actors? The performance itself? The answer is not exactly one concrete thing. Some people have described how much they loved how it incorporates so much while others have described the “energy” of theatre to be what makes the experience so exciting.

At RMHS, theatre is more than meets the eye. It’s not just the acting; the performance is built off of all kinds of skills and talents. Freshman ensemble member Makayla Ceballos describes all the different things that have to be practiced for the musical.

“So, one day is choir, like we have to practice music and another day is choreography, to practice dancing,” Ceballos said.

Ceballos also describes how the band is even part of the musical.

“There’s an orchestra in it for music, so the school has a pit band and there’s going to be an orchestra. It’s going to be like live music,” Ceballos said.

The RMHS performing arts program has so many different parts to it- just in the musical alone, there is singing, dancing, acting and band. This allows the students to explore more of what they are interested in. It also allows for everyone to have a role and try something different. Freshman ensemble member Keilani Flores is excited about the dance practice for the musical.

“Dance rehearsals have us learning choreography for different numbers. With choreography being an interest of mine, I find these to be my favorite,” Flores said.

That’s not the only thing that makes theatre as special as it is, everyone gets to be their own person while playing a role. Someone’s personality and energy comes out through character. Specifically with the Addams Family Musical, students are going to be acting as very unique characters that can all come off a different way, depending on the actor. Flores shares about the musical rehearsals and playing a character.

“I find all of these really fun, especially with staying in character since we’re all dead. It’s fun trying to interpret how to go about that.” Flores said.

All the students get to be themselves and their character at the same time. That is what makes the whole thing so special. When you are able to see that person come alive as their character, it makes that character more relatable and the whole production more fun.

“The Addams all have their own very unique personalities, and it’s fun to see how their actors interpret them,” Flores said.

It really does take a talented person to take a character with a personality, and mix some of their own personality with the character’s original personality, and have it come to life on stage.

Although, the most common factor that came up, when people were describing why they liked theatre, was the energy and the people. Junior Daniel Ridler who plays Gomez in the musical, says that he loves the community and that theatre has given him a space to be his self proclaimed energetic-self.

“It’s definitely been a fun experience so far. The people are energetic and nice to be around,” Flores said.

The students involved in theatre all become very close and it really shows through in the productions. Theater director and teacher Stephanie Svarz who is helping organize the musical feels that the musical teaches skills beyond the classroom.

“Acting classes require vulnerability and giving yourself permission to feel your feelings can be terrifying, especially in the context of high school! We form really compassionate communities and watching students come together in class shows the best in us and what we’re capable of,” Svarz said.

When the cast all knows each other, and is comfortable and close, they have this chemistry that is shown on stage and that is what the audience connects with.

So, even with all of that, the magic of theatre is not fully explained. The only way to even begin to understand the true enchantment of it all is to come to the musical and see the magic for yourself. The one thing for certain is that RMHS theatre really does create a special community of people, allows people to express themselves and will definitely be putting on a great musical this April.