RMHS Choir Presents: One Voice


One Voice is a choir concert which will take place on Thursday, Oct. 21st at 7pm. The amazing choir students at Rolling Meadows will be singing a number of songs for the people who attend. I got the chance to talk with some of them and hear a little bit of one of their amazing songs. I was blown away by their talent, and will definitely be there tomorrow night to see the whole show!

These students have worked so hard this year and have overcome the struggles from the previous year. They are ready to produce a high quality show once again.

“I think that the concert will go great! It’s really our first time having everyone perform together again, and it’s really exciting especially since we have some really fun songs in our repertoire this year.” said senior Lucy Montgomery They have been practicing and working hard for this showcase,

“Our concert’s theme is unity, which is something I feel is really lacking in our society these days. We truly are a community here at RMHS,” said junior Sara Pilkati.

They are going to sing some great songs, and they are really excited to show off their hard work and talent for you all. 

“I am looking forward to singing ‘Some nights.’ It’s an incredible song with such a strong meaning, and it has helped me through a lot.” Pilkati said.

          Everyone has their own favorite songs, making this show one that will be incredible because of the diversity. 

I’m looking forward to the show choir song ‘Pure Imagination’ most because I really enjoy the song and the choreography,” said senior Nathan King. Another example of the diversity in songs is stated by Lucy Montgomery

I’m really excited to sing ‘Double Trouble’ because it’s a lot different than what we usually do, and Halloween is also my favorite holiday!”

The show is Thursday at 7pm. Tickets are free but they will happily accept donations at the door. Hope to see you there!