Local Restaurant Reviews


RMHS students are often seen walking to Chopstix and Subway for off-campus lunches. However, going to Subway and Mcdonald’s every day gets old after a while. In this new segment, my friend Jan and I judge restaurants on their affordability and accessibility from RMHS and overall quality of food. For this upload, we review Sushi Station and Teriyaki Madness, a relatively new restaurant. 

Teriyaki Madness opened its doors for business only a few months ago. I found their restaurant by a coupon sent to my home. Since it is a relatively new restaurant in the area, Jan and I decided to give it a try on Wednesday. As we walked in, one thing to note was the menu. They have a limited menu due to their specialization in teriyaki chicken and beef. I ordered the spicy teriyaki chicken with white rice and veggies and paid 11 dollars with a tip for a junior meal. It was surprisingly flavourful. The teriyaki sauce was sweet but it was not spicy as advertised. 

The ratio from rice to chicken was disappointing. The entire bottom of the bowl was filled with rice and even if you eat it together, there is almost half a bowl of rice left over after finishing. In terms of accessibility, Teriyaki Madness is about nine minutes away if you take a car, but is a 40-minute walk. It’s overpriced, but for the amount of food you get, it’s well worth it. Overall, we would not recommend this restaurant and would not go out of our way to go back. 

Jan and I have been going to Sushi Station regularly this year. The concept of conveyor belt sushi is original and has not become mainstream yet. This restaurant can be compared to Kura Revolving Sushi Bar. The Godzilla roll is by far the best at Sushi Station as it comes deep-fried with imitation crab, cream cheese and salmon. Sushi Station is only seven minutes away if you drive but again, is 30 minutes for those looking to walk. Sushi Station has a wide variety of choices on the conveyor belts from tiger rolls to tamago nigiri. Each sushi plate comes with two to three pieces for a wide price range. Some plates are around two dollars and some are closer to five depending on the quality of fish in the roll. 

When you have 30 minutes to eat, time is one of the most important factors in deciding where to eat. If you can drive, Sushi Station is one of the quickest sit-down restaurants in the area. Since you can come and go as you please and there is no waiting for your food, we are always back to school on time. You can eat a full meal for less than 10 dollars. Sushi Station is extremely cost-effective and tastes great too. Overall, Sushi Station is a fun restaurant to eat a quick but quality lunch at. We regularly go to Sushi Station because of the atmosphere and helpful staff. 

We hope to create more awareness for more unknown Rolling Meadows restaurants by reviewing them and letting RMHS students know more about the restaurants in the community they live in. Hopefully, we will help broaden your lunchtime choices from now on.