Imported cars legal this year

Imported vehicles are now legal in the United States, as long as they are at least 25 years old. This law makes a lot of unique 1996 cars available for import now. Here are five of the ugliest and coolest cars you can import for a summer project in 2021.

1996 Daihatsu Midget II: Ugly

This truck was designed with space-saving in mind with its spare tire smack dab in the middle of its headlights. It was originally designed with three wheels and then, for this second generation, they came out with a four-wheeled design. This truck sports three cylinders and a four-speed manual transmission. It would definitely be interesting to see a unique car like the Daihatsu Midget II out on the road this year.

1996 Nissan Stagea RS FOUR: Ugly

The Nissan Stagea looks like a souped-up minivan. It has a straight-six engine and is technically a station wagon. The roof spoiler looks kind of cool, but it’s the car your partner would make you trade your two-door coupe in for when starting a family. It could best be described as a JDM honda odyssey. It crosses the line between cool and ugly because it’s a pretty unique concept to have a family sports van.

1996 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR: Cool

The Mitsubishi Lancer is already a staple in the car community and this right-hand-drive Lancer IV GSR would be showstopping in anyone’s garage. It’s got a five-speed manual transmission and four cylinders. Everything about this JDM car is aesthetically pleasing from the hood scoop to the rear spoiler. It’s a dream car that makes the top of the cool list.

1996 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4: Cool

Mitsubishi has two cars available for import this year and the lesser-known Galant VR-4 is another cool car. It’s got a V6 engine and five-speed manual transmission. This car would be a great daily driver as it has four-wheel drive and still has a powerful engine. The only bad thing to say about it is the fuel economy which is about 15 miles per gallon, yikes.

1996 Ford Falcon UTE: Cool

Have you ever wanted a car and a truck at the same time? You can have the best of both worlds with this car. The car has an inline-six engine and rear-wheel drive which means technically, it could be converted into a drag car. There are endless possibilities with the Falcon and even though the shape is a little box-like, the whole concept of a car with a pickup body would be eye-catching.