How to have a safe Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is next week and we all have plans for the holiday, but Thanksgiving during a pandemic can make the holiday a little more complicated. Here are some tips for enjoying a safe and responsible Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. Social Distancing

If you are participating in a large family gathering, we’re still in a pandemic and that means 6 feet apart unless it’s your immediate family—the family you spend every day with. Social distancing with family is do-able. Sure it’s not like every other Thanksgiving, but 2020 isn’t like every other year either. You can still watch football with your family and eat snacks; you just have to maintain a safe distance.

      2. COVID-19 Testing

Bigger family gatherings with non-immediate family may benefit from a prior quarantine or COVID-19 testing so that no one spreads the virus and everyone stays healthy. If you are spending time with friends, make sure you are being responsible and socially distanced.

     3. Stay Masked!

For all of the moments that you aren’t stuffing yourself with delicious food, you should be wearing a mask. They protect you and your family from spreading the virus by covering the nose and mouth to prevent droplets from landing on others.

   4. Sanitize and Wash Hands

Always wash your hands and any common area surfaces such as counters, tables, chairs, door handles and more. By doing so, you are maintaining a clean space for safe gathering, as well as a sanitized workspace for food preparation.

   5. Avoid Having Community Snacking

Snacks are fun to share, but in a pandemic that’s a major no go. They are constantly touched by people and can be risky when it comes to keeping things clean. Instead, bring your own individual snacks and drinks. You can do this with meals too.

   6. Stick to Immediate Family Gathering

Most people, if not all would like to have Thanksgiving as a big family, but the fact of the matter is that it’s safer to gather with the people you spend the most time with—immediate family. If you take precautions such as the ones listed above you may be able to gather with a bigger family. Fortunately for technology, you can use Zoom, FaceTime or even watch a movie with your family! The coolest part is that everyone is safe and still enjoying the food and the gathering.

2020 as a year has flipped plans on their head, but there are creative ways that are safe for your family and friends to still “gather”. Whether it’s socially distanced or via Zoom, seeing your family is better than not seeing them at all. Thanksgiving means gathering and delicious food. But it’s better to be thankful that everyone is healthy and safe at home. Hopefully, these tips gave a little insight and helped you out when planning your Thanksgiving.