Friendsgiving ideas

   Thanksgiving is often a time to spend with your “real” family, but you should also find time to celebrate all of the people who are your chosen family—your friends. Friendsgiving is the perfect opportunity to show how thankful you are for each other and of course, to eat some delicious food. Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be as formal as some normal Thanksgivings are. In fact, this year has been anything but normal. Spending quality time with your favorite people over the holidays is what’s most important, so here is a list of nice ways you can still make Friendsgiving memorable. 


  1. Have a virtual Friendsgiving


Some people might not be comfortable getting together with friends right now, so why not use Zoom or FaceTime. You can cook up some foods, and plan a time to meet online and enjoy a nice virtual meal together. Play some games, share what you’re thankful for…the possibilities are endless! 


  1. Play a game of flag football


If your friend group likes to be active, set up a game of flag football in the yard or at a local park. A little competition and fresh-air will get everyone ready for the big meal. 


  1. Go around the table and say what you’re thankful for


It may seem a little forced, but letting others know what you’re thankful for is an easy way to remind ourselves how much we have in our lives in a year that seemed to take a lot away. If you are gathering virtually, you can also send a card in the mail to a friend with reasons why you are thankful for them. It would be a great way to spread love. 


  1. Play some board games


Some friendly competition never disappoints. You can divide into teams and play games like UNO or Monopoly and it will surely liven up the room. 


  1. Host a Friendsgiving brunch instead 


If you are still recovering from the real Thanksgiving dinner, then you can make Friendsgiving light and throw a brunch instead. You can’t go wrong with cinnamon rolls or french toast. 


  1. Host a movie marathon


You can watch holiday episodes together on Netflix or Hulu. Some examples of episodes include: “How I Met Your Mother’s” “Slapsgiving” or any of the “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes. Additionally, it’s never too early to get into Christmas classics. Throw on a few Christmas movies and let everyone take part in deciding what movies you watch. 


  1. Host a potluck


If you are comfortable getting together in person, the host shouldn’t have to cook every dish on their own. You can take care of the turkey, but ask your friends to take on a side dish. It gives everyone the opportunity to show any cooking skills they might have acquired during quarantine. 


  1. Set up a photo station/photoshoot 


You can buy some Thanksgiving props to get your selfie on or you can find a forest preserve to gather at to have a fall photoshoot with cozy sweaters and flannels to fill everyone’s Instagram feed. 


  1. Bake pies or other pumpkin treats 


Thanksgiving is always a good time for a delicious pumpkin treat. You can make pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins or whatever else you’re craving. Another fun dessert idea would be to make an ice cream bar. It might be starting to get chilly, but it’s not like it matters because ice cream is a perfect treat any time of the year. You can set out toppings like marshmallows, sprinkles, caramel and chocolate sauce to accompany your ice cream flavors.