Halloween Safety During a Pandemic


2020 has been quite the year, to say the least. With a lot of people who have friends or family who love the upcoming spooky season, it’s important to stay safe while still gathering, or handing out, as much candy as you can or spend time with your family and friends.


  • Use bowls.
    – I have first-hand experience that using bowls to give out candy is a very risky thing. Kids can just take the whole bowl, however, you can find creative ways around this. Maybe have a scare tactic for those kids that follow social distancing guidelines.


  • Implement your mask as part of your costume.
    –  Every year you will see people getting more and more creative with costumes. If you are one of those people, this year is your time to shine! 


  •  Try different forms of transportation.
    – Ride a bike or use a car to get from house to house. Who even needs a bag for candy when you can just use the back seat or trunk of your car for the ultimate candy stash.


  • Use your windows to communicate.
    – If one of your favorite things is seeing all different kinds of costumes and children impatiently waiting for more candy, join them in dressing up and showing off your costume and talk to them through a window by your door.


  • Other Halloween events.
    – If trick-or-treating isn’t really your thing, go for a scavenger hunt! Have you ever tried a Corn Maze or Haunted House? It could be a very fun, safe way to be festive while staying safe from COVID-19 and sugar.


  • Host an event.
    – A spooky movie night with friends could be extremely fun while avoiding possible careless people and still enjoy your sweets. Costume contests or jump scares are always a blast as well!


Overall, this Halloween should be one to remember. Even though candy can be mesmerizing, staying safe is the number one priority. After all, you can always take a quick trip to a gas station for a Nestle Crunch Bar.