Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

Do you have a furry friend in need of a costume for this Halloween? If so, here are five fun and easy costume ideas that you’re sure to love, although I don’t know how much your dog will like it.

  1. Bat. All you need is a pair of bat wings and a pet who’s willing to comply. Just make sure they don’t fly away!                                     
  2. Scooby-Doo. If you have a brown dog, what’s more perfect than Scooby-Doo? Get a teal collar and paint some brown dots on your dog (with a pet-safe dye such as Opawz, Critter Color or Crazy Liberty). Or, just buy a Scooby-Doo costume. You can even match with your pup by dressing up as your favorite member of the mystery gang.
  3. Tacky Tourist. If you need an easy costume that can involve everyone, this costume is perfect. Find some floral pattern shirts and cut them up to fit your dog. Then, accessorize with some leis and you have a fun, colorful costume that you and your pets can match with. 
  4. Fairy. If bat wings are too dark and scary for your pooch, alternatively dress them up in some fairy wings. Your dog can fly around in sparkly style.     
  5. Harry Potter. This year, Harry Potter seems to be coming back, and wizarding world costumes will most likely be showing up this Halloween. Dress your dog up in a Hogwarts robe and scarf, and they’ll be the most magical pup in town.