How to Reach Out for Help at RMHS

With the new school year at Rolling Meadows being online, it might be difficult for students at RMHS to find help with their academics, college applications and mental wellness needs. It’s important for students to reach out when it’s most needed. It might be difficult for a student to find those resources when all of them have been switched to a COVID-friendly online atmosphere.

Many students might have a hard time adjusting to their new classes, especially when the blocks are shortened from ninety minutes to seventy minutes. The teachers have to fit more material into a condensed class period, making certain things for students in those classes difficult to comprehend. However, there are many tutoring services offered for various classes that are readily available for students on weekdays.

“If a student needs academic support, [they] can talk about the tutoring we have as well as using seminar time and before school hours to meet with their teachers individually,” said counselor Amy Wieland.

For students who are struggling with mental wellness issues, it is always best for them to email their counselors if they are struggling. Each counselor works on a Problem-Solving Team that consists of counselors, psychs, social workers, case managers and division heads of student success safety and wellness. They are there to provide support for students from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Students Service team cannot and does not provide therapy at school, so if a student needs additional support outside of school they should talk to an adult they trust. 

“I believe all but one of [the counselors] has a virtual office this year and they are all linked to [the] main student services virtual office found here!” says Wieland.