Julian’s Senior Column


Being involved with the Pacer and more specifically the Journalism class has taught me to improve my writing in every aspect.


When I was middle school, I knew that I had an affinity to write but my words always seemed to be convoluted once they were on the page. Specifically, the organization of my writing was in need of improvement.


Once in high school, I decided to be in the Journalism class because I knew it would help the organization of my writing as well as my ability to be more concise in my writing.


In my first semester in Journalism class, I found the subject to be very tedious because of having to memorize all the terms and their correlation to their placement on the pages of the newspaper. As well as the note taking for each section of the newspaper and all the different story structures were lengthy.


Once on the Pacer staff, I found that all that note taking for each section and knowing the different story structures had a true purpose. With all that knowledge, it made the process of writing each story more efficient and fluid. 


Throughout my years on the Pacer staff, I saw how my love for writing and sports, specifically soccer, could be combined in a career in sports communication.


My writing, especially my journalistic writing, has improved immensely in organization, structure, and being concise since my involvement with the Pacer and the Journalism class as a whole. 


I would like to thank both Ms. Deberge and Ms. Lussow for their guidance and suggestions that bettered my writing as well as all of those Pacer staff members that have helped me along the way. Being able to have a friendly presence to come to in times that I had questions was a comfort.


Without any of their help, I don’t think I would be the writer I am today.