Kamika vs Riya: Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts


Roasted coffee beans, ground coffee and a Cup of hot coffee on a black background

Starbucks: Riya

“That first sip feeling.” The Starbucks catchphrase says it all. As soon as you take your first gulp, you are met with the perfect concoction to get you through the three-hour study grind, the drab Monday morning, or the daily commute. 

While I admit Starbucks puts a bigger dent in your wallet than Dunkin’ Donuts, their quality is far superior. To begin with just the coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts brew has never been the right ratio of coffee, sugar or milk/cream, something that Starbucks has perfected. Every time I buy an iced latte from Dunkin’, it’s either too bitter, too sweet or too watery. 

Though Dunkin’ Donuts does have a greater variety of breakfast items and food options, the menu at Starbucks has gourmet additions. From paninis to cake pops to pressed juice, there is a perfect option of goods for every customer.

However, as far as beverage options, Starbucks is the clear winner. With a range of new drinks every season, their options are extensive with specialties such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Latte.

On top of their superior consumables, Starbucks also offers a plethora of in-house features. These amenities include comfortable seating, FREE WIFI and wireless charging spots—all necessary for a rigorous study session. 


Dunkin’ Donuts: Kamika

“America runs on Dunkin” for many obvious reasons. Dunkin’ is there to supply you with the right energy to not only get through, but conquer your day. Forget trying to stock up on those secret menu tips and tricks at Starbucks and enjoy the divinely blended coffee, freshly baked donuts and other mouth-watering menu items that Dunkin’ offers.

To buy a beverage at Dunkin’, it does not feel like you have to sell one of your kidneys each time you place an order. Dunkin’s coffee prices range from $2.00-$5.00, depending on the size and type of drink whereas the prices of Starbucks drinks range from $2.75-$7.00. Considering that coffee is bought multiple times during a week, indulging from Dunkin’ will cause your wallet less pain than buying from Starbucks. Do not forget that Dunkin’ will add any flavor extracts, sugar, cream, or milk (excluding almond) to your beverage for no extra charge, unlike at Starbucks where as your drink becomes more complicated, the menu prices painstakingly rise. 

There is the common complaint that Dunkin’ coffee is mild while Starbucks’ coffee has a more robust flavor, but many customers in a rush forget that they can customize their beverage to perfect it to their own liking if they revel in the add-ons and specify their taste. Not to mention that Starbucks’ coffee isn’t stronger, it’s just the coffee beans that are burnt (not roasted) to an extreme.

Buying coffee at a chain like Dunkin’ and Starbucks usually means you need a little pick-me-up for whatever point you are at during the day, and Dunkin’s food options, along with the coffee, can brilliantly uplift your spirits. The posh pastries and savory delights at Starbucks don’t compare to the hearty and comforting items at Dunkin’. The seemingly endless array of donuts that slowly flake away with each, sweet and airy bite do not encompass all that Dunkin’ offers for food. My personal favorite is the 99 cent garlicky and crispy hash browns, and they offer even more varieties such as bagels, sandwiches, wraps and English muffins at bigger portions and less of a buck than Strabucks. 

You run the world at Dunkin’ with the ability to customize your drinks however your please, buy items at a cheaper price and immerse yourself in a comfortable and casual setting that also offers comfortable seating, free WIFI and some locations go as far as to provide private conference rooms which you can rent out for meetings and study sessions.