Featured Artist

News Editor Sydney Zeglin features a RMHS student artist.

At RMHS, culture and art are very prominent as extracurriculars. The students enrolled in any of the arts have both creativity and expression, which can be seen throughout the school as many of their pieces are displayed around the building. 

Students such as junior Gianna Martire are among these talented students. Martire is currently enrolled in AP Studio Art 2-D design with a focus on creating artwork that addresses current topics in society.

Gianna creates artwork with a beautiful color palette and expressive realism,” art teacher and art club sponsor Martha Nava said.

Martire’s introduction into art started in fifth grade at her elementary school. She mentioned that the teacher saw her artwork and believed that she had the potential to grow into a talented artist.

“Early into my art years, I started by watching YouTube tutorials and learning the basics and from then on I fell in love with creating,” Martire said.

Prior to Martire’s years at RMHS, she wanted to originally become an author because of her love for reading. However, her classmates began to take notice of her artwork in eighth grade. This changed her perspective about her career choice and ultimately led to her pursuit of art as a profession

“[The increased interest in her artwork] fueled my passion even more and made me want to do art for a very long time,” Martire said.

As an artist, Martire gets her inspiration for her artwork from nature and environmental happenings. She recently has created an art piece named “New Beginnings” based off of climate change.

Although her pieces stem from real-world issues, Martire has experimented with combining fantastical and mythology elements into her work. The idea of a seperate life and world from her own is appealing to her and compels her to add these aspects into her artwork.

“Fantasy in itself is like a separate world from our own, and by creating my own little separate worlds in my art, I create a really relaxing space for myself,” Martire said.

Currently, Martire is working on a project based on the oil spills that are polluting oceans. She plans on creating a multi-medium art piece using newspaper clippings that mention oil spills and black oil.

“She is curious and is always exploring new ideas and new techniques,” Nava said. “This keeps her work fresh and evolving.”

In the future, Martire plans to major in Psychology with a minor in Illustration. After her education, she plans on going into art therapy. The current presence of art in her life has established that art will have a special place in her future.

“For me, art is like a puzzle, and when making art, it’s like fitting all the pieces together,” Martire said. “Being able to look at a finished product that you created solely from your brain is immensely satisfying.”