Breakdown of Common Teen Slang

Editor-in-Chief Riya Shah helps adults keep up with new slang brought on by teenagers

To the adults, I get it.

Keeping up with the teenage “lingo” can be a difficult task which requires slightly too much work. I often get confused when my best friend throws up some sort of hand signal followed by a series of unrelated words. So here’s a little guide to the recent slang that you might hear from our current high school generation.


Bet: This word is usually used to respond to another person and can be used like the words “For sure.” Sometimes, it is used to challenge the other person’s statement when they are being doubted. However, most times, people say it to acknowledge or agree with their peers.


Smacks/slaps: These two words are used interchangeably to express that something is very good. It can be used to describe food, songs, movies—virtually anything.


Clout: I’m sure the majority of you have heard this, as someone told me it was a term used in past generations, too. But for those of you who don’t, it refers to having influence or being famous.


No cap: This term is used to imply that the person saying something is not a joking, and that the statements they said previous to this were true. You might hear some people say “on God” which can also be used interchangeably with this.


VSCO girl: This isn’t really a slang word, but I know a few teachers who are extremely confused as to what this phenomenon entails. Basically, these people originated through the social media app “VSCO.” This is a place to post pictures, similar to Instagram. These girls are characterized by what they wear: oversized t-shirts, Birkenstocks, shell necklaces, and scrunchies. Another VSCO girl staple is a HydroFlask, a specific brand of a water bottle.