Chess team works towards State

Sachit Patel, Staff Writer

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 Although the RMHS team has gone to State in the past, this is the first year that they needed to qualify for state. They did so by performing well at sectionals.

The season started at the beginning of the year and ended in February.  Despite busy schedules with other activities, most team members gathered on Thursdays in C232 after school.

          At meetings, the players will often practice amongst themselves and Neil Mott, coach of the Chess Team will observe them. Mott sometimes uses the projector to show certain games during meetings.

“Some days we’ll go over some different chess openings.” Mott said. “If players have a game they want to review, they can either review it individually or on the big screen.”

Chess teams compete across several boards. Each team assigns their players to a board, worth a set amount of points, with some boards being worth more points.

“After all the eight matches are done you have points to see who won,” Mott said. “So let’s say you win the first three boards but lose the rest of them. Well, turns out pointwise that you would lose the match 35 to 33.”

Freshman Vishnu Sadhu happened to see flyers for the club throughout the school at the beginning of the year and joined the team. He plays board seven and won six out of seven games at State. However he does feel quite stressed at times when playing.

         Sadhu practices outside of team meetings as well, Usually anywhere from 30 minutes all the way to an hour. Sadhu is happy with how he performed this year. But he has a takeaway from this season.

         “I want to climb up the boards, do a little better and learn more about openings,” Sadhu said.

Senior Raymond Liu has been on Chess Team since his freshman year. He plays first board, the board worth the most amount of points. Liu was instrumental in qualifying the team for State. Chess didn’t settle with him immediately though.

       “When I first started playing chess, I used to get really nervous and stuff,” Liu said. “But now that it’s kinda second nature, I look forward to my matches. This year I definitely performed better than last year. But I think that in state this has been one of my best years.”

As this season of RMHS Chess Team closes, team members are looking forward but also looking back, at become a better person and player of the game.