Spanish week festivities

RMHS celebrates Spanish culture in language classes

Riya Shah, Staff Writer

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During the week of March 6, RMHS honored Latin culture by celebrating the second annual Spanish week. The week was filled with numerous events focused around Spanish heritage such as music, games and food.

“We are excited about the [Spanish] program continuing to grow,” Spanish teacher Laura Shepin said. “We feel
like [the Spanish program] serves both students that are learning Spanish as a second language, and students who have Spanish as a language that they speak at home.”

A mariachi band kicked off the week with the sound of trumpets, guitars and violins flooding the halls.

One of the most popular activities was the selling of paletas, a Mexican popsicle. The sales not only benefited the funding of the Spanish program, but introduced students outside of Spanish class to Hispanic culture.

Throughout the second half of the week, all Spanish classes competed against one another in Kahoot, an interactive quiz game. The game included questions about Latin geography, traditions and lifestyle. All winners got prizes relating to different Spanish countries.

“There’s so much enthusiasm with the students,” Shepin said. “you get all that crazy energy going.”

RMHS partnered with Grande Jake’s Authentic Mexican Grill who donated chips and salsa after school to students. Grande Jake’s also donated gift cards to Kahoot winners during the week.

On March 9, students took part in Spanish Immersion Day, where students went the entire day promising to only speak in Spanish. Those who successfully participated were entered in a raffle to win other Spanish related prizes.

In addition to all the festivities, the Spanish Department offered two $500 scholarships to seniors who wrote the best essays about how Spanish has influenced them as a person and a student. The winners of the scholarship were seniors Danny DiMaggio and Reyna Cortes.

“[Spanish week] is important to celebrate, to share traditions,” Cortes said. “We have a very diverse school, and I think it is a good way to share out Hispanic and Latino culture.”

Other activities involved dress up days including Latin soccer player’s jerseys and Spanish week t-shirts. Additionally, Latin food was served during lunch periods and chicle, a Spanish chewing gum, was sold after school.

Spanish week introduced different cultures to students and brought excitement to RMHS. The Spanish Department is hoping to continue the tradition of Spanish week and expand their range of activities in the future.