Frank the trainer

Student at RMHS dedicated to athletic training program

Grace Dollia, Features editor

While many students at RMHS are constantly recognized for their astounding athletic accomplishments, those who work behind the scenes—the student athletic trainers—are often forgotten.

One student who can be credited with effectively leading the athletic training program is senior Frank Storniolo. Storniolo works as a student trainer during the fall and winter sports seasons and has a varied list of responsibilities including first aid management, rehabilitation with the student athletes and filling out paperwork.

“I have been a student athletic trainer since my first day of high school,” Storniolo said. “During my first week of my freshman year, I stayed after every day to learn the basic tasks and the training room’s layout. I have always had an interest with the medical field and when I got the opportunity to become a student athletic trainer, I happily agreed.”

As the only student who has been a four year member of the program, Storniolo has taken on an important leadership position. Fellow student trainers and athletes alike are able to recognize his professionalism and passion.

“Frank has gained the respect of the student athletes by always being there for them when they need him,” school physical trainer Michael Austin said. “With the other student athletic trainers, Frank has set an example by teaching different taping techniques, showing them where things are located in the training room and always being prepared during sporting events.”

Storniolo’s dedicated involvement in the program has also yielded him numerous personal benefits.

“Being part of the program has definitely been an experience I won’t forget because of all the people, memories and extended knowledge I have accumulated over the last four years,” Storniolo said. “I now have a wiser sense of injury evaluation and treatment processes. I always love when my friends come up to me just to ask me how they can treat themselves. It boosts my confidence because they take into consideration all the information I have learned over the years.”

Storniolo plans to carry this information he has learned into his life post-graduation. While he is undecided if he wants to continue physical training as a career, he is definitely sure that he will pursue a career in the medical field.

Aside from being a student trainer, Storniolo can be found on the other side of the action as a varsity baseball player during the spring season. He also is on the back stage crew for the school’s annual Winter Play, a National Honor Society member, a blackbelt in Shotokan karate and an aspiring Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts.