Bringing the ruckus

Stampede takes on new leadership initiative

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Bringing the ruckus

Molly Manley, Managing Editor

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New year, new attitude and new ideas. After last year’s failed attempt continuing to show school spirit after football season, this year’s senior class has decided to change their approach to the student-run fan section, Stampede.Club sponsor Caleb Parnin also noticed the lack of enthusiasm and took it upon himself to make an active change. One of the major changes entailed introducing a leadership team that will be working
together to organize and make decisions.

The team is comprised of seniors Emma Drezen, Erik Gruettner and Victoria Zervos. Stampede is determined to make this year different.

“The thing about Stampede is that it depends on the kind of kids that you have,” Parnin said. “This year, we just have awesome kids. They really want to make it something bigger than it has been.”

In the past, Stampede’s greatest challenge was the fact that the turnout at sporting events was mainly comprised of upperclassmen. As a result, one of the group’s main goals for this year is to be more inclusive to underclassmen.

“We’ll get the freshmen more involved at the games and just make everything a little bit more hyped,” Zervos said. “So, that way. we make people feel like they’re welcomed and that this is a home to them at Rolling Meadows.”

Other than creating a leadership team, another major addition is that Stampede is introducing the idea of an after-game event. Even though the group is unsure when the event will begin, they plan to call it “Fifth Quarter.”

“It’s something that happens after a football game, so that kids can do something after the games,” Parnin said. “There are so many kids that want to be a part of it, or maybe it’s too cliquey, or something. We want to do something where everybody is coming together and doing something fun.”

Easy ways for students to get involved in Stampede is to go to poster making, which takes place after school on Thursdays, and to participate in the theme for that week’s game.

“If it’s purple, we’re all wearing purple to school to kind of make it seem like there is a homecoming game every Friday,” Parnin said. “Everyone’s into it and they’re excited; they’re all dressed up and just kind of have that lively spirit. I think that would be really cool.”