Planning prom: Junior class council takes the lead on organizing the big night

Sammi Milligan, Features Editor

Every year, the junior class council plans prom for the current seniors in the 2015-2016 school year. The class council has been planning since November and after carefully making each decision, they are nearing the end.

“Our meetings have been taking place before school on Thursday’s sometimes we have meetings during lunches,” junior Emma Drezen said. “We all come together [to] talk about important topics [for] prom, pose solutions and come up with ideas.”

For the junior class council, prom is one of their most exciting responsibilities of the year. Not only do they choose fundraisers, but they also get to choose everything from food to the music. Their key factor for planning however, is the fundraiser.

“We really just pick based off of what students would be interested in participating in,”  junior Rosalin Stubing said. “Without their support it would be pointless to have a fundraiser.”

It’s crucial that class council has all hands on deck. Prom is an important night for many students, so ensuring that they will have an amazing night is a key factor for the junior class council.

“We work to raise enough money to give everyone the prom they’ve always wanted,” Stubing said.

Prom night is special for everyone so it is essential to have an efficient and organized group of kids who work together to make the night memorable.

“It really depends on the makeup of the class council,” school psychologist Nick Nichols said. “This year we had such a great group of student representatives that the prom planning process was extremely smooth and productive.”

Class council dedicates their time to making sure that prom is enjoyable for everyone. This year, they wanted to incorporate the students. This is the first year that Rolling Meadows has featured a student band at prom.

“Sunset Park is going to perform at prom,” Stubing said. “We thought it we be a fun way to make it feel more personal because they are classmates and everyone enjoyed their performance at the V-Show.”

This year’s theme is Casino Royale which will be taking place at the Meadows Club on June 3 at 6 p.m. Post-prom will be taking place at the restaurant 257 in Schaumburg from 11:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.