Artist of the Month-May 2016

Sammi Milligan, Features Editor

From the moment she could hold a pencil, junior Mary Donlon knew that art was her passion. After seeing her sister draw, Donlon was inspired to do the very same thing. Ever since then, Donlon has strived to have her artwork viewed in galleries and exhibitions.

“My sister Erin would always craft and sketch cool pictures,” Donlon said. “So me being the youngest child who always needs attention, I tried following her and then I just kept going with it.”

Donlon sees her artwork as a passion, not just a hobby. Ever since her childhood, it has been clear that this is what she wants to do.

“I’ve always loved to draw ever since I was a kid,” Donlon said. “I just kept going with it and I wanted to get better and better.”

One of Donlon’s many accomplishments has been having her artwork on display. Donlon was thrilled when she received the news that her art would be displayed at an art exhibition. One of Donlon’s greatest influences has been art teacher Martha Nava.

“Illinois High School Art Exhibition [chooses] only five pieces from each school are selected,” Nava said. “One from each category and Mary was chosen for the painting category.”

Donlon drives her inspiration from many people and places, but the source of her biggest inspiration is her friends.

“Artists that inspire me have to be the ones that are in my class as well,” Donlon said. “I feel the most creative and inspired when I am sitting at the table in art class with all of my friends.”

Not every artist has a constant flow of creativity, but Donlon is able to finish her pieces with ease. Even with deadlines she is able to convey precisely what she pictured.

“To speak to her work ethic,” Nava said. “She knew that we had this art show coming up last weekend and she worked through her lunch periods, after school and study hall to make sure she finished on time.”

Regardless of the crazy deadlines, when it comes down to it Donlon is thrilled to be able to do what she loves.

“It’s one of my favorite things because it relaxes me and it just makes me happy when I draw or paint,” Donlon said.  vjx8l2h