Plucking Along

Laura Dacy, Features editor

Every day when walking down the halls, the students of Rollling Meadows pass by hundreds of faces. Some people they know, and some they do not. Every one of those faces has a story. Senior Mike Priller and his brother, freshman Colin Priller, have been playing musical instruments for practically their entire lives.

After experimenting with different instruments they finally found their calling; Mike plays the violin, and Colin decided on the viola.

“I started playing violin when I was about three, and then in about eighth grade I switched over to viola and have been doing that ever since,” Colin said.

Throughout the brothers’ musical careers, they have achieved extreme success.

“One of my biggest accomplishments is making it down to the [ILMEA] (Illinois Music Educators Association) all-state orchestra festival,” Mike said. “My sophomore year I made it, and I qualified again this year, my senior year.”

Even though Colin is only a freshman he has had no shortage of his own triumph.

“One of my biggest accomplishments was also making it down to [ILMEA] my freshman year,” Colin said. “I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t go to all- state because I am only a freshman, but I am still really excited about making it to [ILMEA].” Playing the strings is a family affair in the Priller

house. Mike and Colin’s older sister Melissa has also found success as a violinist in the Dallas Strings Quartet.

“My sister was my biggest influence with the music department because she was always really good and was always working really hard at it,” Colin said. “That really inspired me to start playing.”

Not only are all three siblings musicians, but the brothers were also inspired by their mother.

“I would have to say my mom was a big influence on me,” Mike said. “She really got me interested in playing the violin.”

The brothers find comfort in playing their instruments and also view it as a way to relax.

“I just enjoy playing,” Mike said. “I like being able to play classical and also having fun with popular music that people listen to, Being able to play around with some fun songs gives you a break from playing classical.”

Throughout their high school careers, the Priller brothers have been able to rely on their music. Playing the violin and the viola has allowed Mike and Colin to bond in a way that most siblings can’t.

“When we are home alone we play pop songs together and are just able to go back and forth. That’s one of the best things,” Colin said.