Margaret Lennon’s TV series recommendations on Netflix

This last year has been filled with lots of binge-watching, scouring the different streaming platforms to find a good show to watch, and watching the shows you hear about from friends, family or even social media. We all have started shows that we ended up not liking and wasting your time watching those first few episodes is frustrating once you realize you don’t like the show. Good recommendations for shows can help steer you in the right direction to shows that you will enjoy.

  1. “The Queen’s Gambit”

A newer show that many people enjoyed in 2020 was “The Queen’s Gambit”, starring Anna Taylor-Joy. “The Queen’s Gambit” is about a young girl in an orphanage in the 1950s who realizes she is extremely talented at chess. It is a drama and follows the main character, Beth, to becoming a star all while dealing with addiction. It is rated TV-MA. I thought this show was very well produced and the plot and characters made the show even better. 


2. “Schitt’s Creek”

Another show many people enjoyed in 2020 was watching “Schitt’s Creek” starring Eugene Levy. “Schitt’s Creek” is about a wealthy family that loses everything and moves to a small town that their dad bought. They have to learn how to adjust to this new life outside of the upper class. There are six seasons and the show is rated TV-MA. I really enjoyed this show and it definitely deserves its place in the comedy category and the plot of the show is hilarious and the actors portray the characters well. 


3. “Arrested Development”

Another great show is “Arrested Development” starring Jason Bateman. In “Arrested Development” a very wealthy family loses all of their money and assets and it falls on one of the sons to keep the family afloat and help them stick together. The family is very dysfunctional and the camera work does a great job of portraying that through the filming techniques used on the show. “Arrested Development” has won six Emmys and is one of the funnier sitcoms on tv. It is rated TV-MA and has 5 seasons. I enjoyed this show because it is light-hearted and very funny. 


4.  “The Good Place”

Another great sitcom on tv is “The Good Place” starring Kristen Bell. “The Good Place” is about a group of people who die and end up in the good place instead of the bad place after their death. The group all wants to stay in the good place so they have to work to become better people or they will have to go to the bad place. There are four seasons and it is rated TV-14. The show is very funny and the plot is super creative and weird which adds to the humor of the show.


5. “Criminal Minds”

A show that will take longer to watch but is definitely worth watching is “Criminal Minds”. “Criminal Minds” follows an elite team in the FBI known as the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) as they travel all across the country profiling and catching serial killers. It is a crime drama and it lives up to it with fifteen seasons of exploring some very thrilling and dramatic cases of criminals. I enjoyed this show and the way each episode covered a new case and watched the team figure out how to solve the case.

Hopefully, this will make looking for a tv show a little less painful in these times of binge-watching as many shows as you can. The shows should hopefully help push in the right direction in finding a good tv show to watch.