Hannah Oloro’s review of “Coming 2 America”

The movie that so many people have been waiting for for 33 years has finally arrived on March 4, 2021. This hilarious movie brought us back to the royal family of Zamunda as Prince Akeem’s father King Jaffe has come to his final moments of life. Unfortunately, Prince Akeem has no male heir that would be able to take the throne, but when the kingdom’s seer sees a sight of an unknown son of his, it’s back to America! After receiving this ‘bastard’ son, along with his hilarious mom played by the iconic Leslie Jones, Akeem works to form a relationship with his son so that he may take the throne. 

I would rate this movie a 10/10. It’s just such a carefree and hilarious movie to be watched with your family and brought back the nostalgia of when my mom showed me the first movie. This movie is seemingly more musical than the first one with musical appearances of John legend, Megan The Stallion, Big Sean and many more.

There were also appearances by many prestigious black actors from John Amos who played a main starring character in the 1974 sitcom ‘Good Times’, Morgan Freeman who played starring roles in many movies, to Trever Noah a hilarious South African comedian and author of ‘Born a Crime’. And this movie reminded me of so many people who have structured the black community and are given an opportunity to have a nice laugh and an enjoyable time with friends and family.