Maggie Duchnowski’s top 3 Valentine’s day movies

Snuggling up next to someone special sounds intriguing and cozy, especially when there’s some hot chocolate in one hand and the other arm around the one you love. For those of you without a partner, there are ways to enjoy this Valentine’s Day holiday, too. Who doesn’t want to relax and watch a fun and interesting movie? Here are the top three movies to binge-watch during the holiday.

1. “Valentine’s Day”

Valentine's Day (2010) Official Trailer - Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx Movie  HD - YouTube

 A highly underrated movie that sets the story in Los Angeles with couples on February 14th. It ends with a dramatic twist that includes relatable actions to laugh at. Regardless of the audience throwing 18% of rotten tomatoes, it’s worth watching a cheesy rom-com that can help distract you from COVID-19 life.

 “It’s for love in general. It’s not for men or women, it’s for togetherness,” Anne Hathaway said.


2. “Ever After” (1998)

Ever After - A Cinderella Story (Green Cover) on DVD Movie

A peaceful start inspired by the original Cinderella story. Actress Drew Barrymore plays the main character, Danielle, who serves her stepsisters and stepmother in a big house in France during the 16th century after her father died. Just like every Cinderella tale, she falls in love. The story however will continue on with a medieval taste to take you back in time and in your feels. 

“It didn’t seem new or interesting until Drew came along,”  20th Century Fox chairman said. 


3. “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”

Netflix Review: “For All the Boys I've Loved Before” | Ho'oulu

To those looking for a high school modern take on a cheesy romantic movie, this one is for you. The movie takes place in a small town with the family of Lara Jean Covey. As junior year rolls in, Lara Jean finds her secret love letters to be gone and sent in the most unfortunate way. Anything could happen now that her feelings are exposed. Eventually, she believes it all happened for a reason. Lara Jean finds love despite the risks that were involved with her love letters. What can you really expect from high school?

“I think it’s gonna be so good from the trailer, from the photos, from everything, from how people have been talking about it. I’m so freaking excited,” Youtuber Trin Lovell said. 

No matter what you decide to do, whether you’re single or with your significant other, there’s always the option to watch something and snuggle up under a few hundred blankets. Even if the movie ends up putting you to sleep, it’s always worth the comfort.