With the current COVID circumstances, it’s hard for many clubs and activities to meet in person. The V-Show really had to think outside of the box for the 2020 performance. Unlike any year prior, the members had to tackle the issue of the new social distancing mandates and put a fun spin on it. To create an awesome show, they had to hop a few hurdles. No live audience allowed in the theater? Let’s make a movie, they said. Only allowed 25 students or less with a max of two hours in the theater at a time? Let’s work with that, they said. Thus came the idea of The V-Show: An RMHS Original Series.

This year’s v-show was run by student directors Zackary Kurka, Morgan Paoli and Emma Wozniak. The emcees were Andrew Izadyar, Paoli and Annie Piet. The tech crew student directors were Timothy Bauer, Ewelina Brzezinski, Peter Heck, Bryanna Huizar, Ursula Mlynowski and Mary Anne Wlodyga. All of the students worked hard to make everything interesting, interactive and fun for the students and staff at home from their couches, which was a task that was much harder to tackle this year.

“We had to create plans that were flexible and adaptable to every situation,” said assistant director Sean Radcliff. “Honestly our overall directors have their fingerprints all over this show.”

Another way that the show was brought together was because of continuity. The V-Show wouldn’t be a V-Show without the cheesy jokes by the RMHS comedy group. They performed various skits like Remote Learning Training- their annual teacher skit, The Real Housewives of Rolling Meadows- where the audience got to vote on the fate of a club of middle-aged wives, an Office Parody and a medley of all of the latest Tik Tok dances. They brought laughs from the virtual fans, even if they claim they’re still not funny.

The V-Show also involved dances from the RMHS Color Guard, Dance Troupe Jazz, Dance Troupe Modern, Dance Troupe Latino and Hypno. As far as music in the V-Show goes, there were more this year than can be counted! There were singers, drums, piano pieces, bassoons, oboes, banjos and much more. Likewise, the Pit Band was incredibly involved in bringing life to the V-Show with incredible singers and a cohesive set of instruments. 

The effort and time put into The V-Show: An RMHS Original Series was persistent and well put together. So many unexpected hurdles were approached and jumped, making the production smooth and exciting. If you wish to see the show, click here. If you’d like to see the program for the v-show click here. If you wish to donate to the v-show, please contact [email protected] or fill out the form here

“There are those in life who think they can’t,” Overall Director Kate Mcnally said. “Then there are those in life who worked on this year’s V-Show who KNEW that they could.”