Charlotte Peterson’s “Positions” album review

Recently, Ariana Grande has come out with yet another album. “Positions” is her third album in only two years, which is quite impressive. But does her latest album live up to her previous releases? Not entirely. This album consists of much calmer and quieter songs. It’s a lot more peaceful than her past albums, which I did enjoy with some songs, but some of them were just disappointing. A lot of the songs are repetitive, and just not good. Although half of the album wasn’t the best, there were a few that I enjoyed.

The first song on the album, “shut up”, disappointed me. It started pretty strong, with a catchy tune and Grande’s iconic vocals. About a minute into the song, however, it takes a slightly weird turn. Grande sings the words “maybe you should shut up” over and over, and not only is it repetitive but it is just downright not pleasing to the ears. Some of the songs are good, but once she hits the chorus I just want to turn it off.

The second song, “34+35”, was a lot better, and I thought it was pretty good. Unlike the previous song, it stays catchy all through. It was a little repetitive during the chorus, but I can’t be too judgy because most pop songs tend to be extremely repetitive. 

Next is “Motive”, featuring Doja Cat. I didn’t hate this song, but it wasn’t my favorite. There’s not much I can say about this one, it was a little repetitive, which I feel like will be the case for most of these songs. Nothing in this song sparked a desire to listen again.

The songs “Just like magic” and “Six Thirty” are once again repetitive. Like the other songs, she starts with something that could be good but once she gets to the chorus she just repeats the same words over and over. Grande has amazing vocals, so I can’t say these songs are bad, but they’re just not interesting. There’s nothing there making me want to play it on repeat. The songs have potential, and some people might enjoy them, but I just didn’t feel it. It could be okay if she didn’t repeat the same words over and over again.

On a better note, “Off the Table” featuring The Weeknd and “Safety Net” featuring Ty Dolla $ign are some of the better ones on the album. They achieve the peaceful tone Grande seemed to be going for with this album, without being completely boring. The Weeknd’s vocals fit well with Grande’s, creating a perfect song to relax to. The same is achieved with “Safety Net”, with both of them being nice songs that I would relax to.

Another good pair of songs we have “My Hair” and “Nasty”. I liked “My Hair” because unlike the other songs, it has a unique and catchy beat and it isn’t overly repetitive. The same goes for “Nasty”, which is a little more upbeat than the others. I liked both, to say the least. They still feature a relaxing vibe but in a different way.

Grande makes use of her amazing vocals, including unique beats that I enjoyed.

After a few good songs, we have “West Coast”, which is nothing special. Surprisingly, it’s not that repetitive, it’s just boring. It’s short, and follows the same tune, giving me nothing. It’s just simply, not a song that I enjoy. 

The next few songs, “Love Language”, “Positions” and “Obvious” are a lot different than the others, in a good way. While most songs on this album have been slow and slightly boring, these three are upbeat and interesting. They’re super catchy and I enjoyed listening to them. Especially “Positions”, which was probably the best on the album in my opinion. Makes sense, seeing as that’s the song the album is named after.

The last song, “POV”, calms down from the last three, and fights with “positions” for best song. Grande unleashes her amazing voice and wraps up the album with this emotional piece. It’s relaxing but powerful and a perfect final song.

This album was disappointing at parts but also had its good moments with songs like “POV” and “Positions”. If you cut out some parts, I did enjoy Ariana Grande’s latest album, “Positions”.