Top 5 Movies and TV Shows

While being in Quarantine and spending a lot of time at home over the summer, I got to watch a lot of movies and tv shows that I might not have had time to watch if I wasn’t at home so much. These are my ten favorite movies and tv shows that I watched over the summer and quarantine, in no particular order. 

  1. “Friday Night Lights”

If you are a fan of football and lots of small-town drama, this is the tv show for you. “Friday Night Lights” is about a small town in Texas where football is everything. When their star quarterback goes down and is paralyzed, the state champion hopefuls have to figure out how they are going to get through this season. However, this is the last of the town’s problems. With being a small down in Dillon, Texas, everyone knows everyone and they know everything about everyone. Throughout the five seasons, many interesting conflicts and events happen, which makes it so interesting to watch that I watched the whole show in a week. This is by far one of my all-time favorite shows because of all of the characters and seeing how they go through life and of course the high school football games. 

   2. “One Tree Hill”

Even though “One Tree Hill” is from around 2003-2012, I really enjoyed this show. All in a small town in North Carolina, two brothers who share the same father but not the same mother live two completely different lives. One has a father in his life, a completely horrible one, and one doesn’t. Their lives are revolved around basketball, but one brother, Lucas Scott doesn’t want to play on the high school basketball team because of his brother, Nathan Scott, and his so-called father, Dan Scott. When Lucas’s uncle convinces the coach and Lucas to join the team, everyone’s lives change. But, the show just isn’t about the Scott brothers, it’s also about both of their friend groups who go through problems with the brothers and learn how to live life with the Scott brothers on the same team. 

  3. “9-1-1: Lonestar”

If you are a fan of any police, fire, or med shows, this is the exact show for you. I originally found this show because I really enjoyed watching “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago P.D.” This show was based on another series called “9-1-1” but this time the show is set in Texas with completely different characters. It all starts off when there is this huge fire at a farm and unfortunately, they lost all but one firefighter, leaving the firehouse empty. But, the Austin Firehouse brought in a New York firefighter to come in and save the firehouse and make it running again. He relocates to Austin, along with his son, and starts to find new firefighters to work for him. What I liked about this show is that it had very diverse and different characters. The firefighters, policemen and medical workers were all of different ethnicities and races, which made the show different from others. They go through difficulties together, not just running into fires or bullets, but difficulties they have in their personal lives, which really separated this show from the rest for me. 

   4. “Kissing Booth 2”

When my friends and I found out “Kissing Booth 2” was coming out to Netflix this summer, we were very excited because we enjoyed the first movie. Now, Noah is in his first year of college, far away from Elle, and now Elle is in her senior year of high school. Just like a normal couple, they have their problems, especially when they start long distance. But that’s not the only problem they have. Elle meets Noah’s new girlfriend and gets extremely jealous while accusing Noah of cheating on her. Elle also meets someone new at school, Marco, who serves as a new threat to Noah. They both have trust issues now and get in many arguments, potentially jeopardizing their relationship. I liked the plot of this movie, it was very cute, but it was very predictable. I feel like if it was less predictable, I would like it even more. 

   5. “She’s All That” 

 High school in the ‘90s. Who doesn’t want to see what that was about? I have heard all about this movie from my older cousin, so I finally decided to watch this and I don’t regret it. It all starts when a stereotypical jock, Zack Siler, who is also very smart and popular gets broken up with by his popular girlfriend. He now looks like the laughing stock of the school by all his friends and peers, so he needs to figure out some way to get his high status back. His friends joke around and make a bet with him that he has to turn some girl into a prom queen. They make that extremely difficult for him because they choose a stereotypical artist and nerd, Laney Boggs. However, Zack is up to the six-week challenge, but Laney makes it extremely difficult for him to try to do. I really enjoyed this movie because it had a really interesting storyline that not many other movies have, even though it had the classic stereotypes of a high school movie.