5 Nostalgic Animated Series

“Adventure Time” (10 Seasons)

Jake the dog and Finn the human venture through a mystical world full of vampires, candy people and enchanted forests. Jake, a magical dog, befriends Finn at a very young age and they become best friends. The two live a life full of strange circumstances. Throughout their adventures, they show off their awkward and comedic personalities. From battling candy zombies to trying to save their house from a vampire, this show has all of the mystical creatures possible. If you like adventure and mysticality, you’ll love this nostalgic animated series.

“Chowder” (3 seasons)

Chowder the cat creature, in dreams of becoming a chef, aids his trusty mentor Mung Daal, a famous chef, to make absurd dishes  Chowder is also accompanied by Truffles (a pixie mushroom creature) and Mung Daal’s wife (known for being overbearing), and Shnitzel (the strong rock monster). These characters are all named after food items and have strange personalities. From having a pet fart to eating literally everything, the show “Chowder” really displays why his love for food gets the best of him. If you like weird food combos, talking cats and funny words, you’ll love this animated show from 2007.

“Regular Show” (8 Seasons)

Mordecai, a blue jay and Rigby, a raccoon, work at the park maintaining the grounds. The two work with Skips, a yeti that fixes everyone’s mistakes, Pops, a lollipop man that is related to the owner of the park’s housing, Benson, a gumball machine that is in charge of everyone, and lastly Muscle Man or Mitch, a green humanoid man that is accompanied by a ghost called High Five Ghost that constantly high-fives him. The two main characters, often lazy and looking for trouble, find themselves in retro-style predicaments that Skips usually has to fix, but not before Benson gets angry about them. If you enjoy bromance and crazy dares, you’ll enjoy this animated series.

“Spongebob SquarePants” (12 Seasons)

Spongebob SquarePants” is a well-known show that is still ongoing! Spongebob SquarePants is a sea sponge, and he’s often accompanied by his best friend, Patrick Star, a pink food-loving starfish. The two besties find themselves in some underwater trouble in their hometown of Bikini Bottom. They find supervillains, superheroes,  underwater creatures and hash slinging slashers. If you like sea life and underwater creatures, you’ll love this series from 1999.

“Total Drama Island” (5 Seasons)

Chris McLean, the game show host at Camp Wawanaka, puts contestants through grotesque and dangerous challenges in order to win a $100,000 grand prize. The series is a parody of game shows and their ridiculous challenges. 22 teens experience these challenges and in a vlog-style manner, give the scoop on the drama that happens behind the scenes, much like drama shows. If you like crazy dares, thrill and absurd drama, then you’ll love this Canadian animated series.