Goodbye TikTok


          Many teens are using an app called TikTok to keep themselves occupied during this worldwide pandemic. However, in a couple of weeks, this may no longer be true because President Donald Trump said he might ban it before the end of the year.

 Starting with the basics, what is TikTok? Tik Tok is an app where you can make a 15 to 60-second video or upload a three-minute video of you, your friends or someone else doing something. Whether it be cooking, dancing, protesting, creating art or even giving tips on certain topics. The app allows you to express yourself in many different and creative ways.

The app sounds pretty harmless, right? Well, let’s look a little deeper. TikTok is currently owned by a Chinese company named ByteDance. Since the app is owned by China, Donald Trump and his administration believe it could pose a national security risk. They think that your private information, such as location can be given to the Chinese authorities.  

A lot of TikTok users are upset about the idea of it getting banned because of the impact it has had on their life. Many people have also found their passion on the app.

“TikTok gave me something to do during quarantine, and it’s helped me become more confident in myself,” junior Elizabeth Mavros said.

TikTok has also had a positive impact on many adults across the world, including teachers.

  “TikTok has changed my life for the better to just lighten up the mood a little and not take myself or life too seriously sometimes,” chemistry teacher Todd Schaap said. 

The only way Trump will allow Tiktok to stay is if a US-owned company buys it. Microsoft and Oracle are the two companies that are continuing to talk about buying the app, But whether or not they may be successful is still unknown. 

TikTok has sued Trump and his administration because the Chinese company has not yet had a chance to argue that they are not a threat to national security. The fight to keep the app TikTok from getting banned is far from over.