Netflix Cancelling Shows

There’s a long list of shows that have been canceled by Netflix, despite being generally well rated by fans and critics. Recently, a few more shows have been added to that dreaded list.

“Ozark”, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “Atypical” all have plans for their fourth and final seasons. After that, they will be ending. Although fans are disappointed, they both had good runs.

On the other hand, shows like “The Society” and “I Am Not Okay With This” have been canceled after just one season. This is not uncommon in the fact that Netflix constantly is creating new shows, and then canceling them after one short season. However, these two shows both did pretty well and had even originally been renewed. Due to COVID-19, Netflix has made the disappointing decision to cancel them.

Many fans are outraged that these shows are ending, especially since they both include LGBTQ+ representation, which can be hard to find. Yet Netflix has decided to renew “The Kissing Booth” for a third movie, despite the fact that the first and second received 17% and 27% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Fans are also upset that “Riverdale” is being continued, despite its content having gone drastically downhill in the past few seasons. 

“The fact that Riverdale and The Kissing Booth can get renewed but shows like The Society and [I Am Not Okay With This] with more LGBT representation get canceled after one season,” Twitter user @girlinreq said.

“Can’t believe Netflix has canceled The Society. If the reason is COVID I don’t mind waiting another year or two for it, but please don’t cancel one of the best shows on Netflix and leave us on such a cliffhanger,” Another twitter user, @alexrobinsn said.

Comments like these are all over social media right now, from Twitter to Instagram to TikTok. Fans can only hope that Netflix will listen, and make the decision to renew these beloved shows for more seasons to come.