KIRK by DaBaby Album Review

Staff Writer Mike Serritella reviews rapper DaBaby's new album.

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk aka DaBaby has had one successful summer. His album “Baby on Baby” had hits like “Suge” which reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 and the album itself landed to seven on the Billboard 200. Using the momentum of his summer success, he came out with his newest album KIRK, an album conveying his actual emotions other than his public persona. He came onto the scene with “Suge” and just kept blowing up from there.  Songs like “GOSPEL” and “INTRO” talk about his loss of his father early in the year and also the loss of Nipsey Hussle, another good friend of Kirk’s. 

Diving deeper into the songs on the album, the lyrics become increasingly emotional. One of the biggest things that he’s done on this album is actually expressing his feelings towards heavier topics. Before this album, the public had the image of him being a man all about money and having more of a bragging type of style in his music. This is the most notable in the change of messages conveyed through the lyrics of his newest album, compared to the previous. For instance, take “Suge,” the hit from “Baby on Baby” and use the lyrics “Don’t make me go hit the bank and take out a hundred to show you our pockets are different.” The lyrics portray him as rich and that he is flexing his money to the listener. Now, take “GOSPEL”, a song featuring the likes of Chance The Rapper, Gucci Mane and YK Osiris, and even looking at the first few lines you can already tell it’s a different type of song from Baby. It seems as if his father’s death have set him off into a more deeper and emotional side and that shows in his music. The line “I lost my daddy the same week that they lost Nipsey. Ain’t got no love left in my heart, my (expletive) be empty.” Nipsey being Nipsey Hussle, the legendary rapper that died over the summer. The lyrics are the some of the first references to his father in any of his songs before. 

All in all, Baby’s album was not an album to be made for the record books, but was not also a flop of an album. It sold 145,000 copies and was not a bad album to listen to. I give it a three out of five for a couple of reasons. Baby uses the same flow in all of his songs and still doesn’t change that up on this album.Songs like TOES and VIBEZ have the same flow and same cadence to all his songs. Also, even with the lyrics being deeper, he is still very hard and sometimes very hard to listen to with all the flexing he does in his music. Lastly, Kirk’s beats are very simplistic and similar to a lot of the songs on this album making it hard sometimes to figure out which song is which at times. Other than those reasons, it is a very solid showing from Baby.