New Production Under New Direction

New teacher Stephanie Svarz takes over RMHS Theatre Department

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New Production Under New Direction

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The RMHS Theatre program will begin this school year with many differences. With the past four years of the program under the leadership of former director Britnee Kenyon, this year the successful program will be under the leadership of Stephanie Svarz, who is looking forward to implementing new changes while maintaining the current success.

“The students involved in the theatre program are deeply dedicated to their craft and have so much energy,” Svarz said. “This school and support the teachers and administration position students in a fantastic way to take on new challenges and push themselves. I’m looking forward to being a part of that process.”

Svarz views being in charge of the theatre program as an exciting challenge to broaden the scope of the program beyond theatre.

“I’d love to bring a production that we put together in 24 hours here, and perhaps a radio broadcast production to show off the incredible skills of our tech students,” Svarz said.

The theatre students welcome Svarz and her new perspective.

“After meeting with Svarz only a few times, I can already tell that she has some incredible ideas that myself and many other theater students are super excited about,” junior Emma Wozniak said. “Svarz has also been so respectful towards our unique traditions like pre-show rituals or rehearsal scheduling. She has created a warm, welcoming atmosphere that provides a perfect balance of change and continuity.”

This school year, one of the productions will include the musical, Shrek. The audience can expect a quality production and a unique theatrical take of the animated film.

“I have never done a show like Shrek before and can’t wait for the challenge,” Svarz said. “In some ways, I’m daunted – so many people have seen the movie and will come in with certain expectations that are difficult to predict; however, I’m hoping to find a way to exceed those expectations by respecting the traditions, but finding interesting ways to tweak, delight and surprise our audiences!”

The theatre students are also optimistic about making the Shrek production a success.

“Having Shrek as this year’s spring musical was definitely a bit of a shock,” Wozniak said. “However, after hearing it announced, I realized the amazing opportunities it presented to both cast and crew, as well as the essence of ‘magic’ that it provides. I am definitely looking forward to it!”