Lots of Laughs

RMHS students put on Improv Wars, comedic improv show, as fundraiser for drama department

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Lots of Laughs

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A year after ComedySportz, RMHS theatre performed Improv Wars this Saturday, which brought back even more laughter and newer games this time. 

The show only ran for one night, bringing in its best elements from ComedySportz, while adding new games and teams. Seniors Julia Mlynowski and Jasmin Bolanos co-directed this production while teacher Britnee Kenyon produced the show, this being her last performance with the RMHS Theatre Program.

Joining Mlynowski and Bolanos in the show, to name a few, include juniors Will Brice, Kamika Patel, and Carolyn Riddler, as well as freshman Max Collins and senior Sean Collins. The show is expected to be laughing fest.

“They should expect to laugh,” Kenyon said. The cast is absolutely hilarious and they’re ready to tell stories based on audience suggestions. It’s going to be a wild night!”

If you think the show is just a copy and paste of ComedySportz, which was performed last year, Kenyon can safely assure you that it’s not, Kenyon said that it has “the style and flair of ComedySportz with our own special flair.”

The people involved in these shows were more than just cast members, especially for Kenyon, as she stated that she would never forget the relationships she built with her students.

“These students taught me how to build a program.. what it means to create a community and a family. I will forever owe my career to the RMHS theatre students.”

Mlynowski described her thoughts on the show and how it differs from ComedySportz while still maintaining some of its best features.

“We can expect it to be a sorta rebirth of ComedySportz. It has a new game, smaller cast, and a whole different line up in a smaller space. The show is also a fundraiser for the RMHS theatre program.
          Being a co-director can be a lot of stress, and a challenging process, as Mlynowski describes it, as you have to balance “friendships with the cast and directing the cast,” and the communication you have to put forward to put on a show is very convoluted.

“You also have to be authoritative in order to have a successful show. Another thing that’s difficult in the process is realizing how much communication it takes to put on a show.”

Co-directing can also be very enjoyable as well, as Mlynowski puts it, the creative freedom of making the choices, like what games to play or choosing between lights, is very exhilarating. And along with Bolanos, Mlynowski really enjoys improving with Bolanos in their respective art.

Brice, one of the performers who appeared in Improv Wars, enjoyed making new memories with the cast, and thought that the worst part of the show was that they “only get to do it for one night!”

Brice, along with the cast, are having a great time making this show come to life, and that shows the dedication everyone involved put in, to make this show the best it can be. 

“What I’ll remember most is all the times everyone just broke down laughing because of something ridiculous happening on stage.”