Nic’s Organic Fast Food

Staff Writer Erin Prusener reviews Nic's Organic Fast Food.

Erin Prusener, Staff Writer

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With everyone being more health conscious about what is in the food they eat, Nic’s Organic Fast Food Restaurant, located in Rolling Meadows, is introducing a new word to Fast Food: organic. This means that every item served at Nic’s will not include any antibiotics, added hormones, GMO’s, artificial colors or dyes, artificial preservatives, synthetic herbicides and pesticides, or ionizing radiation that other fast food may contain as well as being certified organic by the USDA and Quality Assurance International.

I found Nic’s Organic Burger to be what you would expect a fast food burger to be, fluffy bun, consistently cooked meat, and gooey cheese, except for the smaller meat patty. The smaller serving of meat was the same in the Organic Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich, which is most likely attributed to the meat not containing any added hormones. Although the meat portion is smaller, ordering a double burger is an option.

Nic’s Organic Fast Food is located at 2101 S Plum Grove Rd, sandwiched between Red Apple and CVS. The restaurant’s location is not ideal for someone looking to quickly go through the drive through, as it was a little out of the way, but was not difficult to get to.

The restaurant’s interior correlates with their health conscious theme. Displayed proudly on the walls are their food promises and achievements. Nic’s has been renovated recently before its grand opening, so the building and tables are all in perfect condition. Overall, the restaurant was very clean and well kept.

It is important to keep in mind that Nic’s Organic Fast Food is not made to be low calorie or fat free; it is simply meant to be organic. The restaurant still sells fast food made with similar ingredients to those at other restaurants with the added knowledge of knowing that certain negative ingredients, such as pesticides and ionizing radiation are not found in the food you are served.

Additionally, Nic’s pricing is more expensive than comparable items served at other fast food restaurants. This is to be expected though, as certified organic ingredients tend to be more expensive.

Overall, my experience at Nic’s Organic Fast Food was similar to that of any other fast food restaurant; however, nothing about it other than the organic factor made it stand out, or any better. While the organic aspect of the food was a big plus, the restaurant was not practical enough to be a replacement for a quick meal.

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