Melophobia album review

Julia Skwerski, Staff Photographer

I won’t lie, I’m not the biggest fan of alternative rock music but when a friend of mine recommended the Cage The Elephant album Melophobia to me I decided to give it a listen and I was pleasantly surprised. The band released their third album in 2013 gracing the world with new sounds for the band, drifting away from their original pre-recorded music. Each song had a different type of tone to it, which I both liked and disliked. Every song brought a new ‘story’ or feeling and there was plenty of variety for all listeners to enjoy. Except, there was no consistency to the album which isn’t usually a big deal for me, but it messed with the flow of the songs.
The band’s first album Cage the Elephant came out in 2008 along with the single Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked which quickly climbed to the top 100 in 2009. Later in 2011 the song Shake Me Down part of their album Thank You, Happy Birthday also made it onto the top 100. Five years later both Mess Around and Trouble off their most recent album Tell Me I’m Pretty topped Billboard’s alternative songs chart making it their sixth and seventh song to be placed on the chart.
The rock band originated in Bowling Green KY, and has been performing since 2008. Lead by Matt Shultz (guitarist) and his old brother Brad (keyboardist), Cage the Elephant continues to create new albums and singles even after Lincoln Parish the band’s previous lead guitarist and keyboardist resigned from the band in 2013 right after the release of Melophobia. Also accompanied by drummer Jared Champion and bass guitarist Daniel Tichenor, as well as their touring musicians Nick Bockrath who is the lead guitarist and keyboardist, guitarist, and backup vocals Matthan Minster.
A few songs that really stuck out for me were It’s Just Forever, a classic ‘rock and roll’ song with shouty lyrics and a drum solo to match. Another song was Cigarette Daydream, a more acoustic sounding song where the guitar stole the show creating a catchy rhythm. Finally one of their more well known songs Come A Little Closer, matching many of the songs in their other albums it had a darker under tone to it, using inspiration from a trip that the band took to São Paulo.
Overall I surprisingly enjoyed this album, I think it was more indie rock then alternative rock, but I will definitely continue to listen the this album and this band.