Hamilton Exceeds Expectations

Laura Dacy

Hamilton, the tony award winning Broadway musical, has finally come to Chicago, and boy was the performance worth the hype. I had been listening for the soundtrack for a few months leading up to seeing the show and last month I finally got to see the performance live.

While there is no dialogue other than the songs, there are still surprises when it comes to choreography, scenery and performance.

I was a fan long before I saw the show, so my expectations were set very high. I had heard the hype of the broadway cast and was hopeful that the Chicago cast would live up to that of the New York cast.

They did. In every way, shape and form. The Chicago cast exceeded every one of my expectations. Chris Lee, the 21 year old college junior who decided to take time off in order to be in the production was amazing. He stole the show in every scene he was in, which were quite a few. Lee takes on the roles of Marquis de Lafayette in the first act and Thomas Jefferson in the second. Along with King George always left the audience in tears, either form they hilarious one liners or emotional solos.

Beyond the characters, the brilliance of Miranda was on full display. The songs are somehow able to connect with teens, adults and seniors; and make them all interested in the revolutionary war.

The way rap and broadway were able to come together not just for the sake of combining them, but to prove a point about the rebellion and revolution shows that we can all still learn something from the founding fathers.