The Wombats album review

Julia Skwerski, Staff Photographer

In recent years a trend of British pop rock bands has risen, and thus brought upon the start of the three man band The Wombats.
Led by the lead vocals, guitar, and keyboardist Matthew “Murph” Murphy who is accompanied by Daniel “Dan” Haggis who is the lead drummer and percussionist, along with Tord Øverland Knudsen who plays the bass guitar, guitar, keyboard and backup vocals.
The British boy band resembles qualities of bands such as The Killers, the infamous Beatles, and Arctic Monkeys. Their albums are full of loud shouty summer festival like music, and the songs almost seem humorous.
The band released their first album A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation in 2007. Although the album may seem old it encompasses songs that fit into today’s times. The Album contains 13 songs and two bonus songs.
A few of the songs that stood out to me were Let’s Dance the Joy Division, Party in a Forest (Where’s Laura?) and Here Comes the Anxiety. Like most of their songs Let’s Dance the Joy Division and Party in a Forest (Where’s Laura?) hint towards the band’s path to glory and their years before they formed The Wombats. These three songs really bring the album to life with their witty and upbeat melodies along with comical choruses. Although Here Comes the Anxiety starts out a little slow and sad it quickly becomes an optimistic song.
Overall the album was good, It had a nice musical flow and, unlike so many other bands you could actually tell what they were saying.
I am looking forward to seeing their new albums or songs coming out. They are not currently on tour. Their next concert will be in Dover Delaware at the Firefly music festival on June 15 2016, tickets are on sale now prices range from $362 – $434.