The Pacer

Style 180

Taylor Repak, Staff Writer

December 11, 2019

Style is unique to each and every student that walks through the halls of Rolling Meadows High School. Whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, most people have their own identifiable “look.” I, for one, usually wear a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt, oft...

Teacher Talk: Todd Schaap

Michael Serritella, Staff Writer

December 11, 2019

Todd Schaap is one of the teachers that students hope to get during the sophomore year. I talked with him to find out some of his craziest stories in his classes and some of the things freshmen can look forward to.  Schaap has been teaching at Meadows and has been teaching science for all of thos...

Veterans Share Their Stories in Light of National Holiday

Kamika Patel, Editor-in-Chief

November 11, 2019

Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, was originally established as a U.S. legal holiday to honor the end of World War I. However, at the urging of numerous veterans' service organizations and after World War II and the Korean War, Nov. 11 became a day to honor American veterans of all wars. ...

Who knows you better?

Who knows you better?

November 5, 2019

Featured Artist

Sydney Zeglin, News Editor

November 4, 2019

At RMHS, culture and art are very prominent as extracurriculars. The students enrolled in any of the arts have both creativity and expression, which can be seen throughout the school as many of their pieces are displayed around the building.  Students such as junior Gianna Martire are among these talented ...

Breakdown of Common Teen Slang

Riya Shah, Editor-in-Chief

November 4, 2019

To the adults, I get it. Keeping up with the teenage “lingo” can be a difficult task which requires slightly too much work. I often get confused when my best friend throws up some sort of hand signal followed by a series of unrelated words. So here’s a little guide to the recent slang that y...

Kamika vs Riya: Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts

Kamika vs Riya: Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts

Riya Shah and Kamika Patel

November 4, 2019

Starbucks: Riya “That first sip feeling.” The Starbucks catchphrase says it all. As soon as you take your first gulp, you are met with the perfect concoction to get you through the three-hour study grind, the drab Monday morning, or the daily commute.  While I admit Starbucks puts a bigger dent in your ...

Culture Shock

Lauren Magana, Copy Editor

September 18, 2019

“Wherever we roam” is a proud slogan Mustangs use when describing the paths of RMHS students and alumni. The slogan means that no matter where students came from or where they go, they will always feel home at RMHS. Senior Francesco Cianci has recently found his new home at RMHS after roaming ac...

New Teachers Join RMHS Staff

Sydney Zeglin, News Editor

September 16, 2019

Aime Karagiannis; Honors Chemistry Teacher Aimee Karagiannis is a new physics and honors chemistry teacher at Rolling Meadows High School and previously taught for 22 years at schools in Chicago. The majority of Karagiannis’s teaching was spent at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center. She has ...

Big Moves With Big Kaiser

Julian Rodriguez, Entertainment Editor

May 24, 2019

Internships are uncommon, especially engineering internships, but one RMHS student just earned himself that opportunity. Junior Boris Jevtic is a member of Wildstang, and Robot Rumble. Jevtic had the opportunity to demonstrate the battle bot used during the Robot Rumble to engineers at a GCAMP (Golden C...

Chess team works towards State

Sachit Patel, Staff Writer

April 27, 2018

 Although the RMHS team has gone to State in the past, this is the first year that they needed to qualify for state. They did so by performing well at sectionals. The season started at the beginning of the year and ended in February.  Despite busy schedules with other activities, most team me...

Professional artist inspires with new art forms

Riya Shah, Staff Writer

April 29, 2017

As soon as his pen hits paper, professional artist Eric Garcia’s mind is buzzing with new ideas for his next piece of art. Incorporating an unconventional style in his work, he tells stories about social and political issues in the world through his art. “[I want to] bring light to historie...

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