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The Fangirl: Entry 3 “Hidden Figures”

Golden Globes vs. Molly Manley: "Hidden Figures" deserves more public recognition

Molly Manley, Managing Editor

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In light of the recent Golden Globe awards, I strongly believe that a certain film did not receive the recognition it deserved. And yes, I do understand that I am not a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but I feel that ignoring one of the most important works of art that I have ever seen would be a crime against the time and talent put into telling this true story.

Despite the film officially hitting theatres in 2016, when I saw “Hidden Figures”, I was moved by the true story of these powerful women in science. The film is in time, with the first space missions of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), the predecessor of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). As the missions become more ambitious, the audience follows the origins of Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughn and their first contributions to NACA.

The film was only nominated for one Golden Globe award, Octavia Spencer for best actress in a supporting role as Dorothy Vaughn, the first female African-American Supervisor for the NACA.

Along with Spencer, Taraji P. Henson portrayed Katherine Johnson, a mathematician who was vital in sending the first American into space and to the moon. In addition to Henson, Janelle Monàe starred as Mary Jackson, an aerospace engineer who later focused on advancing women of all races in the science profession.

With spectacular performances from all three actresses, “Hidden Figures” sheds light on the untold stories of important African-American women. As the movie takes place in the 1960s, the stories of these women align with the height of the Civil Rights Movement, only emphasizing the struggles they faced and what they had to do in order to be as successful as they were.

This film inspired me and reassured me that I am able to further my own education in the STEM fields and be successful in an industry that is dominated by men. I will never know what it feels like to be judged on every part of my being as they did, but their legacy has proven that determination outweighs the circumstances.

Do not equate the value of this movie with a number of awards; it is still an acclaimed piece of cinema with many awards to the film as well as the women behind the story.  The purpose of film is to share experiences and transport you to a different time or place, to make you realize the importance of different. “Hidden Figures” is eye-opening and inspiring and I feel so grateful to have this story shared with me and so cheated to see this work of art unrecognized.

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The Fangirl: Entry 3 “Hidden Figures”