The Pacer


The Pacer is produced by journalistic writing classes at Rolling Meadows High School. The paper is published four times during the school year.

The Pacer is a designated public forum for student expression and for discussion of issues of concern to its readers. Its content is not reviewed or restrained by school or District 214 administrators, but is expected to fall within the curriculum and academic guidelines of the English/Fine Arts Division at Rolling Meadows High School.

Since The Pacer is a designated public forum for student expression, the editorial board, which consists of the Editors-in-Chief, Managing Editor and Copy Editor, will determine the content of the newspaper and all unsigned staff editorials; therefore, material may not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of District 214 or Rolling Meadows High School officials.  The views stated in editorials represent that of a majority of the editorial board. No single member of the editorial board can be held responsible for editorial content decisions. Signed columns or reviews represent only the opinion of the author.

The Pacer welcomes letters to the editor, guest columns and news releases from faculty, administrators, community residents, students and the general public. We ask that letters to the editor and guest columns be 300 words or less, contain the author’s name, address and phone number, and be sent to [email protected], or dropped off in Room A109.

The Pacer editorial board reserves the right to withhold a letter or column and return it for more information if it determines the piece contains items of unprotected speech as defined by this policy. Letters will be edited for spelling and grammar and checked for verification.

If you wish to advertise in or request ad rates for The Pacer, please email us at [email protected]

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