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Molly Manley, Editor-in-Chief | November 16, 2017

On Nov. 15, author of summer reading book "Feed" M. T. Anderson visited RMHS to speak to students in English classes about his book and answer any questions they may have. The school’s relationship with the Arlington Heights Memorial Library made the author visit possible. Anderson is an award-winning author, a recipient of the National Book Award in 2006 for Burger Wuss and a finalist in 2002...

Jimena Zavala, Staff Writer | October 4, 2017

High school students have a lot more to give to our society than they are given credit for. As the new generation, we can begin making changes by planning ahead and becoming more informed and involved in voting. On September 26, all District 214 schools will hold a voter registration drive for juniors and seniors that are turning 18 by November 6, 2018. Denise Chapman, along with several other tea...

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Riya Shah, Staff Writer
April 29, 2017

As soon as his pen hits paper, professional artist Eric Garcia’s mind is buzzing with new ideas for his next piece of art. Incorporating an unconventional style in his work, he tells stories about social and political issues in the world through his art. “[I want to] bring light to histories that have been forgotten or purposely erased,” Garcia said. “[I try] pointing out hypocrisy wherever it may be.” Garcia specializes in hand-printed posters, political cartoons and large sca...

Kamika Patel, Staff Writer
April 26, 2017

Most high school students struggle to find a career for the future that addresses their passion. Yet, sophomore Michelle Fundora has already pursued this by running an entrepreneurial business. For over a year, Michelle Fundora has been running her own business selling bath products alongside her mom. “[The business] started around November of last year,” Michelle Fundora explained. “I noticed my mom having really dry hands all the time, so I figured it’d be nice to make her a sugar scru...

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The Pacer previews upcoming girls basketball season

Elizabeth Clark, Opinions Editor
March 20, 2018

Track and field can be a very daunting sport to take part in. The ability to keep running through the pain without stopping is very difficult to execute. Now, take into account the extreme task of jumping over obstacles at full speed, and that is hurdling. One RMHS athlete that shows tremendous potential in the hurdles and the 400m dash is junior Timmy Syzlak. “I love running the hurdles because it's an...

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Though funny, “Hail, Caesar” overstuffed, unfocused

Anup Patel, Brendan Brady
December 18, 2017

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